Concept & Design

From your core brand values to full product concept and creative product designs


Our professional production team develops a concept and prototype of a product that is customized towards our clients’ specifications. We understand the importance of our clients’ core brand values and will create product designs dedicated to your company. Based on our clients’ needs, we will produce a detailed product specification that will be ready to send to the supplier.

Sampling & Quality Control

All the creative projects get

innovative solutions

All technical and logistical aspects of the event will be managed by our team: measurements, factory visits, and quality checks to get the job done. We use proven and tested local suppliers (or use in-house facilities) to source the required materials and receive samples to ensure the quality before our client’s needed due dates. On the event day, the production team handles the on-site installation and the preparation of the venue. DME.sourcing believes efficient sourcing production is what turns a great plan into a tangible quality event.

Production & Manufacture

The right product and the right quality for spectacular events

Our clients don’t always require large quantity purchases but they have high expectations for the product quality. We design, customize and source for our client’s requested products from all over China. Our goal is to make sure we provide products that live up to our client’s standards.

Event Management

From the big picture to the final details

Our team is experienced in managing a full range of event services for our clients. No matter the size or scale, our team is committed to coordinating high-end events that leave a lasting impression. Our primary goal is to ensure the event runs smoothly; regular run-down meetings, rehearsals and final double-triple checks are essential to get it right! We focus on making sure that our clients enjoy the event.

Media & PR

The right message conveyed to the right audience

DME.events gets the exposure and engagement your event deserves from ‘pre-‘ to ‘post-event’. At the initial enquiry, we offer professional advice and consultation on the best approach and methods for marketing your event. We’ll handle all media management tasks through traditional and online media platforms, cultivating a strong media presence for the event to generate enthusiasm for the event, communicate brand relevance to the target audience and increase brand awareness.

There’s more!

Additional Services

At DME we go above and beyond to ensure an optimized experience for client (& guests). These services may be considered as part of one of our main services, however deserve their own ‘mention’.

Photos & Videography Services

Venue Sourcing, Site-checks & Venue Management

Transportation, Logistics & MICE Travel


Exceptional Experiences

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